Thursday, 5 September 2013

Come Visit Me at This Art Festival!

I will be appearing at the Spencerville Small Town Big Art Festival on Saturday Sept.7 10 AM-5 PM and Sunday Sept.8 10 AM-5 PM. Stop by for a visit!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

"CN 6060"

This is a Limited Edition print of Canada's best known Steam Locomotive, and it still operates today in Alberta. The prints are signed and numbered 1-350. The image size is 17x24" and is printed on acid free paper. the prints are $100.00 each. I retain ownership of the negative and metal photographic plate and was present at time of printing to guarantee the authenticity of the run.
 The original is done in Graphite  on 140 lb. Arches hot press Watercolour paper and measures 24x30". Following an article in CN's "Keeping Track"  magazine, I received calls from across Canada for prints. Today, Railroaders, former Engineers of 6060, and Railroad Art fans are among the owners of the prints across Canada and the U.S. It took over 80 hours of drawing time, and remains one of my favorite pieces.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

"Surf at Big Sur"

"Surf at Big Sur" Watercolour matted an framed .Image size 24x30"  $385.00


" Floraganza" Watercolour Custom matted and framed measures 27x32" image size 24x30"


"Gourds" watercolour matted and framed. Measures 21x27'' image size 12x16" $375.00

"My Scottish Heritage"

"My Scottish Heritage" Watercolour image size 12x16" matted and framed $145.00

"St. Lawrence River at Maitland"

"St. Lawrence  River at Maitland" Acrylic  gallery wrap canvas no frame. measures 18x24" $285.00


"Snowdrifts" Watercolour matted and framed 11x14" image size 8x10" $125.00

"The Heart of The Raven"

Cover Art for "The Heart of The Raven" a book written by Dennis Stein. This original is in watercolour and is matted and framed. It is not for sale. Dennis' books may be found on his blogspot, They are available on, and are also available as an Ebook.


Sugarshack is an Acrylic painting measuring 18x24" It is framed and won an award at the South Grenville Guild of Fine Art Show in Maitland, April 2013. The Show" theme was "Expose yourself To Art" $600.00

"Hidden Waterfall"

"Hidden Waterfall" Oil 16x20" framed. $195.00

"Afternoon Ramble"

"Afternoon Ramble" Acrylic, framed. measures 22x26" Image size 12x16" $265.00

"Autumn in Vermont"

"Autumn in Vermont" Oil. Framed, 22x26" image size 12x16" $265.00

"Mission San Juan Bautista"

"Mission San Juan Buatista" Oil framed, 23x27" Image size 16x20" $545.00. This famous Mission is located in California, and was the Mission used for the filming of the movie "Vertigo". It is one of the oldest still operating churches in North America. This is one of the entrances from the sunny courtyard. It is one of my favorites.

"Secret Stream"

"Secret Stream" Oil,  framed. Measures 24x30" Image size 18x24". $545.00 This is another of my favorite places. Every time I see it, i want to paint it again because I always see something different.

"Night Sonata"

"Night Sonata" Acrylic, gallery wrap canvas , no frame. It measures 14x18" $185.00

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

The Appocalypse is a signature piece for me. It measures 3x5' and is a gallery wrap canvas with no frame. It represents the four fates of man. Pestilence, War, Justice, and Death. It means different things to different people and it will never be for sale.